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Multi-Tasking Person

Posted by infopsr on December 4, 2012 at 11:55 PM

Life becomes a roller coaster once you enter the business world. It's a life style totally different from any other way of life. When I was far away from this kind of life, and people from business world would say I have this meeting, I have to attend that seminar, I forgot to have my lunch today, I am too busy to fit such and such things in my schedule, the general impression was "ah, show off", but now since I am getting into this situation, I realize how truthful those people were....and I am just at the level of setting up/starting the business.

I think women have a better chance to become a good business person. Reason I am saying that is because God has created women a multi task person. They are more capable of handling multiple things at a time, and business needs that kind of skill and dedication. They are more capable of understanding people. I strongly recommend women out there to go into Business, rather than look for a job. It is so very satisfying that you are powerful enough to handle totally different aspects of life at any given time.

I consider myself lucky being a woman and that I have some experience with the people of several different ethnicities/ countries. I find it very strange that generally if you talk to the people they are very courteous to you, till you tell them your need. Usually first you will get “can’t be done", then discouraged to your core and then you will be convinced that your approach is wrong. I f you need to get something out of these people, you have to convince them. On the other hand here in the US, as soon as you tell them what your need is they would whole heatedly be ready to help you, guide you, offer their help in the future too, and I personally think that is one huge reason of the US prosperity in today's world.

I went to attend the prospect contractors meeting/networking. When you are in disadvantage small business, people are very open and welcoming, offering all kinds of help and assistance to you, but they can do only so much, at the end of the day it's your baby, and you have to take care of it.


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