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Project Review Services

1. Schedules:

The schedule reviews cover:

1.1 The Activity Listing – The purpose of this is to asses if the schedule has been broken down to an optimal level detail and arranged such that it is reviewable and manageable at different levels of management hierarchy while retaining the required level of control by the implementers.

1.2 Activity logic – The purpose of this is to assess if all activities have been linked in an optimal manner without imposing unnecessary constraints or allowing generous floats.

1.3 Activity loading – The purposes of this is to ensure that the schedule is able to preempt slippages and take proactive corrective measures. It also enables establishing a basis for VOWD calculation.

2. Cost Estimates:

The Cost Estimate review covers:

2.1 Estimate Basis – The purpose is to assess the methodology used in generating the estimate and adequacy of the level of the detail.

2.2 Normalization – The purpose is to assess whether adequate factors for ‘money of the day’, inflation, contingency etc have been applied in the preparation of cost estimates.

3. Resources:

The Resources review covers:

3.1 Adequacy – This assessment is to determine if sufficient and competent resources have been deployed and dedicated to the Project.

3.2 Compatibility – This assessment covers reviewing if the resources are compatible with the project and have been integrated into a cohesive team.

3.3 Clarity – This assessment covers reviewing that clear and common objectives have been developed, understood and monitored.

4. Site:

This review looks at availability of site data, site accessibility, site logistics, temporary facilities, availability of early drawings, status of permits to build etc.